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FAN BETTING is the total sports entertainment management platform on blockchain.
The core idea of FAN BETTING is to build interaction system that will provide athletes, clubs, fans, media, advertisers, sponsors and other stakeholders with advanced tools and incentives for deeper involvement and engagement.

FAN BETTING consists of 4 functions and concepts;
Fans and athletes community module as “WAOH! × Support”
Device and Infrastructure facilitating system as “WAOH! × Creative (Sportstech)”
Financial support funding system in developing athletes as “WAOH! × Developing”
Crypt currency based smart betting system as “WAOH! × Betting”

In order to encourage collaboration between a numbers of participants of FANBETTING eco-system, we shall develop scalable digital solutions platform and competitive incentives for all.
We have chosen blockchain as the underlying technology of the platform to allow us to build transparent and verifiable system for all platform participants. We will archive all the events and records of interaction between the participants in the blockchain ledger.

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WAOH! × Support

Fans no longer just watch the football game on TV. In real time, they want to participate, analyze, critique, fantasize, betting and connect with their favorite athletes and clubs.
This system will provide the fans with the desired involvement by communicating with their favorite team and/or athletes.
It will allow the athletes to glow their loyal fan base to offer the fans the desired involvement by participating in various kinds of activities at this platform.
Through this platform, we can provide financial support to young promising athlete using token from their fans or sponsors, so they don’t drop out of professional sports industries. This significantly increases their chance for success.
Blockchain technology of this platform will allow us to build a transparent and verifiable financial transaction.

WAOH! × Creative(Sportstech)

Sports tech = Sports + Technology
We introduce various kinds of Sportstech devices, solutions, tools, systems or instruments into arena and stadium.
Sportstech will improve the experience for fans to make sports events and matches more dramatic and impressive.
All the images, data and contents will be tagged and archived. This enables fans to access huge amount of contents more efficiently.
It will also enhance the fans experience value and make them easier to sufficiently enjoy the game of their favorite team and/or athletes.
Also these archives helps fans to buy lottery with accumulated huge amount of information.
As the technology to enhance the fan experience grows, it opens up new ways for fans engagement and then number of fans will significantly increase.

WAOH! × Developing

We introduce various kinds of Sportstech devices into arena, pitch or stadium to improve athletes’ development. All the images, data and contents will be tagged and archived with block chain technology. It will be used for player development by analyzing huge accumulated data.
In order to develop professional career, athletes are needed ability to attract social capital and to access funding sources. In short, they need more ways to get discovered by the fans and sponsors. This platform will provide athletes and clubs with more opportunities to get financial support.

WAOH! × Betting

We are introducing original crypt currency into this platform. FANBET token will serve as a form of access to the FANBETTING platform and as internal currency required for all the transactions within FANBETTING community.
FANBET token will also serve as verification of the token holders’ rights to participate in all the activities conducted within FAN BETTING eco-system.

FANBET token will also serve as a crypt currency designed specifically for the betting system which will be provided in near future. We are committed to develop an easy platform which enables fans to spend tokens by placing bet on the results of favorite team match and other various events. Stakes and the prizes will be accepted and paid only in FANBETTING tokens. Betting will be implemented as an Etherium smart contract with automatic payment to the winners.

This security-typed electronic token used for this service platform will be issued and operated using the Wowoo system which is the currency issuing system.


FAN BETTING Core team and advisors

FAN BETTING has invited many globally recognized ambassadors and professionals including soccer legend Zico to join the advisory board.
The ambassadors and the professionals will share their expertise to develop the platform and will also provide us with connections with sports and entertainment industry.
Other board member will be announced soon at this website.


  • Zico
    Former Brazil national team captain
    Former Japan national team coach
    Federation for International FootGolf / Vice President
    Japan FootGolf Association / President
    Former professional football player


  • 2018 Q1-Q2


  • 2018 Q3-Q4

    Phase1: Support System

  • 2019 Q1-Q2

    Phase1: Support System

  • 2019 Q1-Q2

    Phase2: Creative System
    Phase3: Training System

  • 2019 Q3-Q4

    Phase2: Creative System

  • 2019 Q3-Q4

    Phase4: Betting System