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One community. All athletes. All clubs. All fans.
A blockchain based platform that rewards your passion for sports.
Visualize the impression of sports entertainment and Create value towards inspiring
content, to realize physical and emotional happiness.


Introduction~「Moments of impression」

“Sport thrives to create the best moments for human beings and this is the biggest difference between wars that destroy human lives.” we believe. The winners will be praised by people, with high rewards gained, but will spectators only applaud the winners? Besides victors, there are many moments that deserve high value and recognition for spectators as well as for the athletes themselves.

For example, in the case of Yasuhiro Yamashita (Japanese) and Egyptian Mohamed Ali Rashwan during the Los Angeles Olympics judo in 1984; Rashwan did not attack Yamashita's injured legs on purpose. Although he lost the match, the spectators sent huge applause and praise to Rashwan for not taking advantage of the opponents weakness and fought fairly and with dignity.

In another case during the Los Angeles Olympics in the first woman full marathon competition, Gabriela Andersen-Schiess was running for the goal line while struggling with heat stroke. The crowd were relieved when she reached the goal safely and spectators applauded wholeheartedly. We do not know if this is a good memory for her. However, due to this event, many event organizers and athletes paid close attention to the dangers of heat conditions during competitions.

October 2015, UEFA Europa League tie between Inter Milan and Qarabağ FK. Qarabağ were awarded a PK, that was obviously a wrong decision by the referee. Inter also had their goal keeper sent off in the incident and no substitutes were goal keepers. Qarabağ manager, Gurban Gurbanov, directed the PK kicker, Elvin Mammadov, to miskick the PK on purpose and he willingly obliged. The spectators gave a standing ovation due to this obvious fair play.

Millions of people will feel that something is missing just by rewarding the winners in sport. This is the reason why the Company started this project. We would like to expand FANTASTIC PLAY to enrich sports excitement with blockchain technology.

Current sports entertainment industry problems

There are few methods for sports clubs and athletes to finance themselves. Due to economic conditions, potential talented players may have to give up on their sports careers.

Only winning and losing of games are recorded and that is only the evaluation of the team and athletes.

In fact, there are a lot of praised plays exisiting during any given match. However, there is no way to record them, broadcast, praise and value them. There is no means to deliver fans' support or praise directly to teams and athletes in a monetary form (token).

Despite the development of IT technology and Sports Tech, sports content has been delivered only in one direction by television and media as per the standard.

There is a possibility that the sports entertainment industry is being exploited and seized by some vested interested parties who hold exclusive rights and broadcasting rights. There is also a fact that the sports broadcasting industry does not follow the behavioral change of young consumers at all. As a result, opportunity loss will occur and maximizing revenue has not been made so far.


Cycle of Impression and Value

Cycle of Impression and Value

FAN BETTING is the total sports entertainment management platform on blockchain.

The core idea of FAN BETTING is to build an interaction system that will provide players, clubs, fans, media, advertisers, sponsors and other stakeholders with advanced tools and incentives for deeper involvement and engagement.

Through this platform, for example, we can provide financial support to young promising athletes using tokens from their fans or sponsors. Blockchain technology of this platform will allow us to build a transparent and verifiable financial transaction.

  • Create value towards
    inspiring plays and moments
  • Share and appreciate value towards
    inspiring plays and moments
  • Fund Raising and Financial Support

Overview of FANBETTING eco-system 1

  • Tipping system
    Tipping/Voting system
    FANBETTING gives an opportunity to support fans’ favorite players with Tipping system; a platform to tokenize inspiring plays and moments. When fans value the players content, he will reward the player for his contribution with FANBTG.
  • Fanatic Play Module
    Fanatic Play Module
    On demand system will archive all the events and records of interaction between the participants in the blockchain ledger. It will also enhance the fans experience value and make them easier to sufficiently enjoy the game of their favorite team and/or athletes.
  • Betting Module
    Betting Module
    FANBET token will also serve as a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the betting system. We are committed to develop a seamless platform which enables fans to spend tokens by placing bets on the results of their favorite team, match and other various events.
  • Community Module
    Community Module
    The community will provide the fans with the desired involvement with their favorite team and/or athletes. It will allow the athletes to grow their loyal fan base to offer the fans the desired involvement by participating in various kinds of activities on this platform.
  • Merchandising/e-commerce Module
    e-commerce Module
    Means of payment: Every T-Shirt you buy is done through FANBTG. Access special merchandise and content, only available through FANBTG.
    eSPORTS platform using FANBTG token for the prize.
  • Sportstech Field/Training Module
    Sportstech Field/
    Training Module
    Sportstech will improve the experience for fans to make sports events and matches more dramatic and impressive. It will be used for player development by analyzing large accumulated data.

FANBETTING ECO system Overview 2

FANBETTING gives an opportunity to support fans’ favorite athletes, clubs, leagues with Tipping system;
a platform to tokenize inspiring play and scene.
We are creating and enabling an ecosystem based on blockchain technology that allows tokens creation, trade and exchange,
giving a new shift to sports businessand providing total transparency to it.
We provide a platform that can feed back inspire and impression in the form of tokens.

FANBETTING ECO system Overview



Build direct engagement with fans
Community creation of sports fans

Adoption Technology
Video content analysis system
Block chain
FINTECH by crypt currency
Tipping system


Technical support for athlete development
Financial support for player development

Adoption Technology
Data analysis / accumulation
FINTECH by crypt currency


Creating new sports watching entertainment
experience Creation of consumption style of
new sports content via mobile terminal

Adoption Technology
Data analysis / accumulation
IoT/Wearable devices

Investment moneytize

Strengthen marketing of clubs,
league management
Expansion of eSports Betting platform
Maximize profit of the sports industry

Adoption Technology
FINTECH by crypt currency
Tipping system

Product Overview

※The screen above is under development.
  • Chat Room
    Link to community chat room between participants. Real-time automatic translation into 21 languages.
  • FAN!! Area
    All the impressive scenes of the match by the user's post are displayed.
    When finding the impressed scene, press the FAN button.
    Depending on the amount of impression, you can decide the amount of chipping FANBTG.
    Using FANBTG, you can bet and buy goods on the site.
    FAN!! Area
    Always on-line and utilizing GPS and AR technology, We plan to introduce a FAN !! system linked with real-time events.
  • betting Area
    Area to bet on actual matches using FANBTG token.
    Covering 5 sports at the demo site phase If you win, you can earn a dividend with FANBTG.
    demo site ※ In the demo site phase, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, eSports services will be available.

Sports Field Tech Image

  • Sports Field
    • New broadcasting / movie shooting system utilizing drone
  • Sports Field
    • - VR On Demand live streaming service using 360 degree camera
    • - Experience a new way to watch sports by utilizing VR / AR technology
    • - New training method using VR / AR technology
  • Sports Field
    • - Utilizing data generated from IOT and wearable terminals
    • - Data utilization, unified management and visualization of data, utilization of AI
  • Sports Field
    • - 360 experience on SURFING, DIVING, and DRONE..... feels like you were there with performer.
  • Sports Field
    • - Linking with smartphones
    • - Utilizing video technology
    • - Effective linkage with SNS

Market Size : Business

$70 billion

GGY : Gross Gambling Yield
Source : Global Betting and Gaming Consultants(GBGC) / European Gaming & Betting Association(EGBA)

What is ‘Gross Gambling Yield’?
‘Gross Gambling Yield’ or GGY is a figure representing the income of the casino minus its payouts. For the player, it represents the amount held from gambling minus the amount spent on bets. 

Market size:TOP3 of FAN

Which sports are the most popular around the world?

Market size:TOP3 of FAN

The global sports market is expanding steadily.
Among them, football is remarkable.

The sports market’s next four-year cycle will bring continued growth

Sports market revenue


FAN BETTING Core team and executive advisors

FAN BETTING has invited many globally recognized ambassadors and professionals including soccer legend Zico to join the advisory board. The ambassadors and the professionals will share their expertise to develop the platform and will also provide us with connections with sports and entertainment industry.

ZicoExecutive Advisor
Former soccer player from Brazil, current soccer leader.
Although it was a small physique and often called "white Pele", his skill was also as high as Pele, one of the most technically finishers, one of the most excellent passers, the world's top player in the early 1980s .
In March 2004, she also got a name for 125 great football players by Pele. Pele, said to be the greatest football player of the past, said, "It was Zico that I got closest to me the whole time so far".
In Brazil, he played 72 games and won 52 goals. In the FIFA World Cup he played in the three tournaments in 1978, 1982 and 1986. He missed the victory at these competitions, but the Brazilian representative in 1982 is said to be one of the best Brazilian representatives. In 1981 and 1983, the magazine 'World Soccer' was chosen as the world's best player.
As the national coach, he participated in the 2006 FIFA World Cup and won the AFC Asian Cup 2004 victory.
Shinpei Matsuura
Shinpei MatsuuraExecutive Advisor
Vice Chairman of the International Foot Golf Association
President, Japan Foot Golf Association
Former Professional soccer player Representative Director of OK LABEL Co.,ltd

Issuing company : Members

  • Thomas Andrew Williams
    Thomas Andrew Williams CEO
    Thomas Andrew Williams (born 8 July 1980) is a former professional footballer who played as a defender and midfielder. He has made nearly 300 appearances in the Football League playing for numerous different clubs.
    Born in England, he represented Cyprus at international level.
  • Augustin Vidovic
    Augustin Vidovic Chief Blockchain Developer
    Augustin is responsible of development this project.
    As architect and super programmer in France, She was famous junior high school student from the time of local Leon and was scouted from theobservatory. She has been engaged in development of multi-threaded/multi-transaction processing by Java mainly in financial system such as Morgan Stanley Securities, SBI Japan Next Securities, UBS Securities, Rakuten Securities etc. At SBI, she developed proprietary load-testing system of FIX engine, and after that, completed a new FIX engine with two days. It usually takes several years with dozens of people.
    She has superior skills of developing architectural framework from brown field and developing program for automatic generation.
  • Hidenori Kamina
    Hidenori Kamina Gaming Producer
    President of Sakuragate Inc.
    Kamina has been engaged himself especially in launching of various online games, online casino gaming, software games, education focused software, official mobile websites, community services etc.
  • Noritaka Kiyohara
    Noritaka Kiyohara Marketing Director
    Director of OK LABEL Co., ltd
    Marketing Specialist/Producer in Sports, music advertising agency business, merchandising business, Management of music copyright in domestic and overseas.
  • Tadamasa Shimizu
    Tadamasa Shimizu IP Specialist /
    Sports related intellectual property specialist
    CEO:Miyulua Inc.
    Business partnership with Stefano Pucci, a long-term FIFA and UEFA licensed match agent. Specialized in acquiring intellectual property rights of football associations, leagues, clubs, and players in the world.
    Clients: KONAMI, SEGA, gloops, GMO, Cybird, and Kayac.
    Deals Truck record : Serie A, Liga Espanola, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter, AS Roma, Napoli, Lazio, Ajax, PSV, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Shalke, and National teams for Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Germany, France, Argentina, etc.

Foundation : Member

    After graduating from university I start a business and succeed in the distribution related business in Korea, Japan, the USA etc.
    CEO of ASUKU Co.,LTD ;e-Commerce site of luxury pet related goods


Issuing company : Council

  • Kaneto Kanemoto
    Kaneto Kanemoto Chairman & Founder/ OKWAVE
    Kaneto is Chief Executive Officer and founder of OKWAVE.
    The company is the first and one of the biggest Q&A social communities in Japan.
    The vision of OKWAVE. is to foster mutual supporting by users though our community, and is operating subscription services of celebrity Q&A and offering enterprise customer support solution, which has the largest market share in Japan.
    OKWAVE. went public in June 2006 and is listed on Nagoya Centrex Market(3808: Nagoya). He holds a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts and Music from Aichi Prefectural University in Japan.
    Concurrent post;
    - Board member of Bread (a provider of Breadwallet in Zurich, Switzerland)
    - Auditor of Japan Association of New Economy
    - Councillor of Japan Association for the World Food Program (JAWFP) Major literary works;
    - The Day Beyond Google (ISBN:978-4798113913)
    - Starting up a company as a homeless person(ISBN:978-4094060058)
  • Gen Matsuda
    Gen Matsuda CEO / OKWAVE & CEO / OKfinc LTD.,
    Representative Director, President and CEO / OKWAVE
    Gen has more than 14 years’ experience in investment banking, turn around, marketing, financial consultation businesses all over the world as representative director of AsZ Holdings, Inc. His main passion is focusing on the blockchain with all its applications and possibilities. Bugged by all the security issues, password breaches and Internet fraud, he decided to tackle these problems by decentralizing authorization and authentication in an innovative and secure blockchain ecosystem. He became in 2016 the youngest person who made statement at the public hearing of the Japanese Diet. He experienced start-up during student age at Waseda University, and then he has been completing supports more than 2,500 companies' sales by focusing on marketing & sales, finance & management fields, as CEO of AsZ Holdings consisted of 19 member companies include in Japan, Hong Kong and Greater China (Shenzhen, Dongguan).He joined OKWAVE in 2017 and got President in July 25th.
  • Fujimaru Nichols
    Fujimaru Nichols CEO / Wowoo Pte, Ltd.
    Fujimaru is responsible for running Wowoo Operator.
    He is very keen in international business as well as cryptocurrency space. “One impression can end a war. One impression can melt ice wall in the mind.
    “After the experience of international business fields, he decided to involve in this blockchain world.
    And presently, he strongly leads the team with this principle and is spreading use of this new token in the real world.

Issuing company : Council continued

  • Yuya Sugiura
    Yuya Sugiura CEO / Token News
    Yuya has more than 3 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He leads marketing of this business with broad knowledge and tough spiritual
    strength, which based on various experiences including a researcher and a medical specialist.
    He is also concurrently CEO of Tokennews.
  • Takayuki Nagashima
    Takayuki Nagashima CEO / Aeria
    Takayuki Nagashima is a well-known entrepreneur in Japan and the CEO of Aeria Inc., A Jaopanese publicly listed company.3758 (TYO)
    Aeria has been at the forefront of the game development and publishing in Japan. It was an early adopter of the free-to-play model, launching one of the first successful free-to play PC games in Japan, and is now a a developer of Successful mobile games like Klee, I Chu.


Strategic Partner

  • San Marco Sport Events
    San Marco Sport Events
    San Marco Sport Events is an Italian company that since 1995 organizes national and international sports events. San Marco Sport Events is in charge of being a commissioner and general coordinator of international FIFA games. San Marco Sport Events boasts the best track record as a coordinator of the famous football club's post-season match and pre-season match and as a camp coordinator.
  • Service Architecture
    Service Architecture
    Sakuragate Inc., provide an exciting gaming service to worldwide market.
    Planning and development of slot games for online casino.
    Development and management of social games, native applications. Consulting service in gaming industry
  • Technical Support Game provider
    Technical Support Game provider
    Aeria Inc. 3258 (TYO)
    A Japanese listed company which provides On-line game and Information technology consulting service
  • Marketing Project Management
    Marketing Project Management
    OK LABEL Co.,ltd
    A marketing company specializing in sports and music founded in 2005.
    In the football World Cup in Japan, marketing collaborated with the ARMANI group gets a lot of attention. OK LABEL is highly evaluated by a unique advertising method.
  • Crypto Currency ICO Platform
    Crypto Currency ICO Platform
    Wowoo Pte.Ltd.(singapore):
    WWB issuing company and Wowoo platform operating company 。 ICO platform handling operator services and consulting services
    Wowoo gathers worldwide attention as a result of the participation of Mr. Roger Var, who is nicknamed the Bitcoin Jesus, at the Council.


FANBTG token specification

Token Name FAN betting
Token Symbol FANBTG
Payments Accepted BTC
Total Token Supply 222,222,222 FANBTG
Hard Cap on Token Sale 44,444,444 FANBTG
Soft Cap on Token Sale 31,111,111 FANBTG

FAN betting accepted WWB for payment. This announcement was delayed because exchange ratio and discount rate is still under discussion. The announcement will be made as soon as possible.

FANBTG token allocation and use of funds


Token Sale 20%
Reserve & Inventory 35%
Marketing 10%
Corporation 10%
Members Token 25%

Use of funds

Use of funds
Token Sale expenses 20%
Development 25%
Marketing 15%
Operation 10%
Long term Stategy 30%


  • 2019 Q1

    Prototype Release

  • 2019 Q2

    α Version Release
    Sports betting

  • 2019 Q3

    β Version Release
    Sports betting update
    Tipping / Voting

  • 2019 Q4

    β2 Version
    Fanatic betting

  • 2020

    Full Version
    eSports betting
    Sports Tech



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